Early detection and treatment is of great importance in children. The smaller the curve is when a child is braced, the better, as early detection often leads to greater results. The "lets wait and see what happens" attitude is not recommended - scoliosis requires immediate and regular attention. During growth spurts, curves can progress rapidly making parents wish they had braced their child earlier. It is easier to change the direction of a curve that is still growing than one that has stopped growing.

The SpineCor brace is designed to allow for total freedom of movement. This is especially important for children: movement allows for proprioceptive input to the brain ( the input from nerves in your joints telling the brain where a part of your body is at any given time). The SpineCor brace also allows for the strengthening of muscles through normal activity, rather than a weakening, or atrophy, of muscles due to lack of movement. We encourage children fitted with the SpineCor brace to participate in all activities while wearing the brace under clothing. And because it is virtually undetectable, children are more prone to wear it as directed. This increases compliance results in greater changes.




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